Pax! in nomine Domini By: Marcabru


Singable Translation PDF By: Carol Anne Perry Lagemann (CC BY SA 4.0)


Number of Voices: 1
Voicings: S , A , T , B
Date: 12th century
Language: Latin , Occitan
Tags: translation religious trobar social commentary vers canso de crozada war song political


LyricsPoetic Translation
Pax in nomine DominiPax in nomine Domini!
Fetz Marcabrus los motz e·l so.These words and tune are Marcabru's.
Aujatz que di:Now hear and see:
Cum nos a fait, per sa doussor,How God in Heaven in His grace,
Lo Seingnorius celestiausHas made for us, upon a shore
Probet de nos un lavador,Within our reach, a Washing Place.
C'anc, fors outramar, no·n fon taus,Another one was made before,
En de lai deves Josaphas:An age ago, near Israel:
E d'aquest de sai vos conort.But this one's near enough to chase.
Lavar de ser e de maitiHow right to wash ourselves would be
Nos deuriam, segon razo,In morning and in evening, too --
Ie·us o afi.This all may see;
Chascus a del lavar legor!We all may wash our hands and face.
Domentre qu'el es sas e saus,Since age and illness haunt our door,
Deuri' anar al lavador,We must attend the Washing Place.
Que·ns es verais medicinaus!It is the cure for every sore.
Que s'abans anam a la mort,But if we, ere we wash, embrace
D'aut en sus aurem alberc bas.Our death, we go to live in Hell.
Mas Escarsedatz e No-fesNow Doubt and Malice, like a thief,
Part Joven de son compaigno.Part Youth from his companion true.
Ai cals dols es,Ai! What grief
Que tuich volon lai li plusor,That most of them desire to chase
Don lo gazaings es enfernausThe firest of Hell that spit and roar.
S'anz non correm al lavadorIf they don't seek the Washing Place.
C'ajam la boca ni·ls huoills claus,Before their eyes will see no more,
Non i a un d'orguoill tant grasAll those contented to rebel
C'al morir non trob contrafort.A wicked foe at death will face.
Que·l Seigner que sap tot quant esThe Lord to whom we are in fief --
E sap tot quant er e c'anc fo,What will be, is, and was He knew.
Nos i promesHe vowed relief,
Honor e nom d'emperador.A kingly name in every case.
E·il beutatz sera, --sabetz caus--Know you the beauty that's in store
De cels qu'iran al lavadorFor those who reach the Washing Place?
Plus que l'estela gauzignaus!The morning star's allure and more.
Ab sol que vengem Dieu del tortBut first we must His wrath embrace
Que·ill fan sai, e lai vas Domas.And must His enemies expel.
Probet del lignatge Cai,From Cain descending, many flee
Del primeiran home felho,The rule of law, like him untrue
A tans aissiTo ever be;
C'us a Dieu non porta honor!The name of God such men debase.
Veirem qui·ll er amics coraus!We'll see who's faithful at the core.
C'ab la vertut del lavadorFor through the mighty Washing Place,
Nos sera Jhezus comunaus!Together Jesus we'll adore.
E tornem los garssos atrasAnd now let us those brutes repel
Qu'en agur crezon et en sortWho signs and divinations trace.
E·il luxurios corna-vi,All lustful ones -- the devotee
Coita-disnar, bufa-tizo,Of food, of pride, of vinous brew,
Crup-en-camiThe road's debris --
Remanran inz el felpidor!Will burn like trash in their disgrace.
Dieus vol los arditz e·ls suausTo test the brave and meek, therefore,
Assajar a son lavador!God made for us a Washing Place,
E cil gaitaran los ostaus!And these shall guard His holy shore,
E trobaran fort contrafort,And find a mighty foe of grace,
So per qu'ieu a lor anta·ls chas.And so I bound them toward that well.
En Espaigna, sai, lo MarquesIn Spain here, the Marquis, in chief,
E cill del temple SalamoAnd all the Holy Temple's crew
Sofron lo pesHave no relief
E·l fais de l'orguoill paganor,From insults by a heathen race:
Per que Jovens cuoill avol laus.They blame our youths for fearing war.
E·l critz per aquest lavadorThe wailing for this Washing Place
Versa sobre·ls plus rics captausUpon each craven lord they pour,
Fraitz, faillitz, de proeza las,Each failure and each broken shell,
Que non amon Joi ni Deport.Each coward, bitter, weak, and base.
Desnaturat son li Frances,Degraded are the French, in brief:
Si de l'afar Dieu dizon no,The will of God they will not do,
Qu'ie·us ai comes.Thus bringing grief
Antiocha, Pretz e ValorTo Antioch in every case.
Sai plora Guiana e Peitaus.In France, all valor's ancient lore.
Dieus, Seigner, al tieu lavadorO Lord, within your Washing Place,
L'arma del comte met en paus:Allow the Count's good soul to soar,
E sai gart Peitieus e NiortAnd give Poitou and Niort a space
Lo Seigner qui ressors del vas!Of safety, Lord who vanquished Hell.
MarcabruCarol Anne Perry Lagemann

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