Dic Christi veritas By: Anonymous


Singable Translation PDF By: Carol Anne Perry Lagemann (CC BY SA 4.0)


Number of Voices: 2
Voicings: SS , SA , AA , BB
Date: 11th - 13th century
Language: Latin
Tags: translation religious goliard song Carmina Burana social commentary political satire Philip the Chancellor lyrics


Lyrics Direct Translation Poetic Translation
Dic, Christi veritas, Tell me, truth of Christ; Say, holy verity,
dic, cara raritas, tell me, beloved rarity; Say, loving rarity,
dic, rara Caritas: tell me, rare love: Say, rarest charity,
ubi nunc habitas? Where do you live now? Where do you care to be?
aut in Valle Visionis? In theツValley of Visions? In the Vision Valley narrow?
aut in throno Pharaonis? Or onツPharaoh・E€・Es throne? On the throne of Egypt's Pharoah?
aut in alto cum Nerone? Or on high withツNero? Ruling high above with Nero?
aut in antro cum Theone? Or in a cave withツTheonas? With wise Theon, hermits' hero?
vel in fiscella scirpea Or in anツark of bulrushes, Or in an ark in rushes tall,
cum Moyse plorante? crying with Moses? With Moses loudly crying?
vel in domo Romulea Or rather, in the House ofツRomulus Or there in Rome's most sacred hall,
cum Bulla fulminante? fulminating withツBulls? Its Bulls like lightning flying?
Respondit Caritas: Love responded: Says Love with clarity:
ツォhomo, quid dubitas? ・E€・EMan, why do you doubt? "Why, man, despair of me?
quid me sollicitas? What are you asking me? Why do you query me?
non sum, quo mussitas, I am, as you grumble, I am not where you see,
nec in euro nec in austro, not in the east nor in the south, Not in south or east arisen,
nec in foro nec in claustro, nor in the market nor in prison, Not in marketplace or prison,
nec in bysso vel cuculla, nor in fine linen or the cowl, Not in silks and not in tatters,
nec in bello nec in bulla: nor in war nor in Bulls: Not in war or Papal matters:
de Iericho sum veniens, I come from Jericho; For I am come from Jericho,
ploro cum sauciato, I cry with the injured, With him in torture twisting,
quem duplex Levi transiens the man whom two Levites passed・E€・E Beside whose bed two Levites go
non astitit grabato.ツサ I stood by his bed.・E€・E And pass without assisting."
O vox prophetica, O prophetic voice, The prophet's voice, it came;
o Nathan, predica: OツNathan, prophesy: O Nathan, you proclaim:
culpa Davitica Theツfault of David Grievous is David's blame,
patet non modica! is clearly not small! And he shall suffer shame!
Dicit Nathan: ツォnon clamaboツサ, Nathan says, ・E€・EI do not cry・E€・E, Nathan says, "No tears I borrow."
ツォnequeツサ David ツォplanctum daboツサ, ・E€・ENeither,・E€・EツDavidツsays, ・E€・Edo I mourn・E€・E. "Nor," says David, "do I sorrow."
cum sit Christi rupta vestis, With Christ・E€・Es torn clothing, Clothing rent, to all who listen,
contra Christum Christus testis. Christ testifies against the Christians. Christ bear witness 'gainst the Christians.
Ve, ve vobis, hypocrite, Hail, hail to you, hypocrite, O hypocrite, O soul untrue,
qui culicem colatis! who serves a gnat! The Lord of Flies your idol:
Que Cesaris sunt, reddite, What is Caesar・E€・Es, render unto him, To Caesar give with Caesar's due;
ut Christo serviatis! that you may serve Christ! Give Christ what he's entitled!
Bulla fulminante Fulminating withツBulls, Papal Bulls go flying,
sub iudice tonante, the judge thunders; The judge with thunder vying,
reo appellante, the accused appeals; Folk for grace applying,
sententia gravante. the decision is grave. But judges all denying.
Veritas supprimitur, Truth is suppressed, Truth is hidden and controlled;
distrahitur distracted, It goes untold,
et venditur and sold. Is priced and sold,
Iustitia prostante; Justice protests: And like a whore they're buying
itur et recurritur It goes and it goes again Stone-cold Justice there with gold.
ad Curiam, nec ante to Court; even before With crooked courts complying,
quid consequitur, the result is found, Swindlers will remold
quam exuitur quadrante. more than a quarter are cheated. Each coin we hold by lying.
Pape ianitores The Papal gatekeepers, Those who guard Rome's entry
Cerbero surdiores. likeツCerberus, are deaf. Are deaf as Hades' sentry,
In spe vana plores, In vain hope lamenting, And in vain lament we.
nam etiamsi fores these doors For Orpheus bold, when he
Orphテォus, quem audiit even toツOrpheus, who was heard Pluto's kingdom entered,
Pluto deus by the godツPluto No door so clamored
Tartareus, inツTartarus, To enamor,
non ideo perores, would not for this reason open, Adorned with gems aplenty.
malleus argenteus unless a silver hammer A hammer, silver slammer,
ni feriat ad fores, strikes at the door Is knocking, firm and steady.
ubi Protテォus whereツProteus Where in his glamor
variat mille colores. changes with a thousand colors. Proteus' masks are so many.
Si queris prebendas, If you wish to be allowed to live, To live life as normal,
vitam frustra commendas; I recommend a vain life. I bid you be resourceful:
mores non pretendas, Do not pretend to be moral; Act like you're immoral;
ne iudicem offendas! do not offend the judge! With judges have no quarrel.
frustra tuis litteris Without yourツknowledge Don't in vain yourself array
inniteris; to lean upon, With wisdom's way;
moraberis delay Accept delay,
per plurimas kalendas ・E€・E for the first days of many months; And do not be remorseful.
tandem exspectaveris in the end expect For your lifetime, wait and pray;
a ceteris ferendas, from others a vote Submit; obey all mortals.
paris ponderis of equal importance, Save your breath, and pay:
pretio nisi contendas. unless the price changes. Struggle for no morsel.
Iupiter, dum orat Jupiter, when prays Sure is Jove's stagnation:
Danen, frustra laborat; theツDanube, labors in vain, Vain is all supplication;
sed eam deflorat, but he deflowers, But gold builds creation
auro dum se colorat: while gold gives color: Or brings us ruination:
Auro nil potentius, Nothing is more powerful than gold, Save for gold, all earth will rust;
nil gratius, nothing is greater; In gold we trust,
nec Tullius not evenツTullius As Tullius
facundius perorat. can argue against that. At length discussed with great sophistication.
Sed hos urit acrius, But they burn more fiercely But more fiercely they combust
quos amplius honorat; who are more honored; Which more upthrust the station.
nichil iustius, nothing is more just: The end is just:
calidum Crassus dum vorat! Crassusツconsumedツby the fire! Crassus in harsh conflagration!
Philip the Chancellor Carol Anne Perry Lagemann Carol Anne Perry Lagemann