Two Fat Ladies By: Sion Andreas o Wynedd



(4 Couples in a line) ==In 4==
P1 Ends pull past ptnr by R hand & face center, as Centers ½ R hand star 1
& turn to face nearest End couple dancer; pull past that person by R hand 1
That again (switching End & Center roles) 3x 2(3x)
P2 Lines Double to meet; Centers fall back Double as Ends bend in the line 1;1
Lds Star R & Lys Star L, crossing over as they go down the middle & leading
out of the star on the other side to form longways set; honor your own 2;1
Lds Star L & Lys Star R, again crossing over & forming longways set 2
Progress: Couple 1 takes hands and leads down the middle to take C4
position as other couples move up one place. 1



Category: SCA Choreography