Saltarello la Regina By: Geffrei Louarn de Kaermeriadec



V1 Inside single; Outside single ½;½
Ch Inside double; Outside single away from your ptnr 1;½
Inside single toward your ptnr; Outside double back ½;1
V2 Repeat V1; Chorus 1;3
V3 Ld turn under Ly’s arm in 2 inside singles;Ly same under Ld 's arm 1;1
Chorus 3
V4 Repeat V3, Ly turning first; Chorus 2;3
V5 Ld circles around Ly in 4 singles; Chorus 2;3
V6 Repeat V5, Ly circling; Chorus 2;3
V7 The couple joins both hands & turns in a CW circle in 6 singles 3
Chorus 3
V8 Repeat V7, circling in the opposite direction; Chorus 3;3

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Category: SCA Choreography