Oncoming Pelican By: James Blackcloak



(4 couples in a Square) ==In 4==
(Sides do everything 8 beats after the Heads. Instructions are for the Heads)
V1 Double fwd & back; Set & turn; Repeat 2;2;4
C1 Turn Opposite by R hand; lead to place & cast to corner position 2;2
Double fwd raising arch for sides; switch w/ prtnr, 1 couple under other’s arch 1;1
Double to place; Switch w/ prtnr 1;1
V2 Side L; Set & turn; Side R; Set & turn 2;2;2;2
C2 Double fwd; Circle 5/8 (Lds have backs to Sides, Lys to Heads) 1;1
Double straight back; Turn R w/ Double R (to end in corners) 1;1
Double fwd, circle facing out to place 2
Double to place; turn single to face in 1;1
V3 Arm L; Set & turn; Arm R; Set & turn 2;2;2;2
C3 Heads do C1 then C2 as Sides do C2 then C1 16


Category: SCA Choreography