On the Banks of the Helicon By: Anonymous



(3 Couples in a line) ==In 4==
V1 Double fwd; Turn single (away from ptnr); Double back (2x) 1;1;1(2x)
Ch Half-S - Hey Ld2 w/ C1, Ly2 w/ C3 (C2 ends in ptnr’s place) 2
Half-S - Hey Ld2 w/ C3, Ly2 w/ C1 (C2 ends in own place) 2
C1 R hands & switch; L hands to next & switch;
R hands to next & switch; C1 L hands & switch 1;1;1;1
V2 Double fwd (toward ptnr) to meet R shoulders, 1
Turn single (away from ptnr); fall back a Double to place 1;1
Repeat, this time meeting L shoulders; repeat chorus 3;8
V3 Give R arm to ptnr & turn half-way; turn single L 1;1
Take R arms w/ ptnr again & turn half-way to place 1
Do same w/ L arm (w/ single turn R); repeat chorus 3;8

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Category: SCA Choreography