Mordred's Lullaby By: Rosina



(1 Couple , separated, Ld on L side of hall, Ly on R) ==In 6==
Intro Ld 6 passi (2/ bar) to start position; 1 bar no move 3;1
Ly 6 passi, end L of Ld (lead pos);1 bar, Ly takes Ld’s hand 3;1
Hush Chorus Riprese LR ; 2 Sempii; 3 Doppii; VdG 2;1;3;2
V1 RevL, ¼ turn L, Ly leads Sempii LR; Doppii LR, MV 1;1;2
Ld leads Sempii LR; Doppii LR, Ld MV to face; RevL 1;2;1
C1 Ly circles Ld CW w/ 4 Doppii starting L 4
V2 Sempii LR; Doppio L; (Ld back, Ly fwd), VdG 1;1;2
Sempii LR ; Doppio L; (Ly back Ld fwd), VT (S RL DR CW) 1;1;2
C2 R hands, Semp LR Dop L; L hands, Semp RL Dop R, Ly MV 2;2
Hush Chorus 8
C3 Ly 4 Doppii around Ld CW, as Ld 8 steps CW, inside Ly's circle 4
(End w/ Ly to L of Ld, further apart, do not hold hands)
V3 Sempii LR Dop LR ; Ld Rip LR as Ly Dop LR ½ around Ld 3;2
Sempii LR ; Doppii LR , Ld backing up, Ly going fwd 1;2
C4 Ly 4 Doppii in CW around Ld;MV, as Ld Rip LR into MV (2x) 4
Hush Chorus (as before, except Ld leading) 8
Exit Ly 4 passi (1/bar), go behind Ld & L (can continue on Ld's music) 4
Ld 4 passi (1/bar), go off R & turn to look at the Ly at the end 4
End in stillness. No Rev


Category: SCA Choreography