Ginevra Weasley By: Rosina



( Couples) ==In 6==
P1 Singles LR, Doubles LR, Rev L; Back Singles LR, MV R 4;1
Voltacia (Rip L, Vt (SR, SL), Rip R) 3
P2 Repeat, going the other way, w/ Ly on L to start 8
P3 R hands: Singles LR, Double L; L hands: Singles RL, Double R 2;2
Rev L; Back Singles LR, MV R; Doubles LR, MV R 1;1;2
P4 Rip LR; Singles LR, Double L; VdGypsy, Ly MV R; Rip LR 2;2;2;2
Repeat dance Ld & Ly exchanging roles & going down the hall.



Category: SCA Choreography