Beautiful Joy By: Alex



(3 Couple s in a line) ==In 4==
V1 Double fwd & back; Set & turn; repeat 2;2;4
Ch C1 Rev; C2 Rev; C3 Rev 1;1;1
V2 C1 Cast & go through arches, to bottom; C1 set & turn 2;2
Lds hands & Lys hands - Double back & switch w/ ptnr by 2 hands; repeat 2;2
Ch Repeat Ch 3
V3 C2 the same; repeat Ch 8;3
V4 C3 the same; repeat Ch 8;3
V5 Singles LR back from ptnr; Double to switch; Repeat 1;1;2
Hey for Couples; Repeat Ch 4;3

Sheet Music


Category: SCA Choreography