Virgo Mater piissima By: Anonymous


Singable Translation PDF By: Carol Anne Perry Lagemann (CC BY SA 4.0)


Number of Voices: 1
Voicings: S , A , T , B
Date: 16th century
Language: Latin
Tags: holiday translation religious Mary school song Piae Cantiones


Lyrics Direct Translation Poetic Translation
Virgo mater piissima Virgin mother most gracious, Virgin Mother, whose charity
cunctorum plasmatoris, fashioner of all, Once fashioned all creation,
Tu mihi sis certissima To me you are the surest Are you sure that you wish for me,
salvatrix peccatoris. savior of sinners. O Savior from damnation?
Sis, omnibus in horis, If you wish, at all times All day in supplication
te corde flagitantium, my heart will entreat you My heart entreats you, still and awed;
& ore collaudantium, and my mouth will applaud My mouth will honor and applaud
stipendium laboris. the fruit of your labor. The fruit of your formation.
Præcellit rosa lilium Excellent rose, lily Roses, lilies: But there are none
candore puritatis, of pure white, As white as her perfection;
Virgo adorat filium, the Virgin adores her son Though a virgin she bore a son
quem partis, castitatis; who was born in chastity; And pours on him affection.
Hæc sydus claritatis, this star of clarity, A star with clear reflection,
hæc balsamo süavior, this sweet balm, This soothing balm, this pleasant boon --
Sole, luna splendidior brighter than the sun or moon Far brighter than the sun or moon
fervore charitatis. is the passion of her love. Her love and her protection.
Virtutum flos & gratiæ Flower of virtue and grace, Virtue's flower and vine of grace,
aures ad nos inclina, incline your ears to us. We beg for your attention;
Placata Patris facie, Appease the face of the Father; Soothe the Father's most angry face
chrismata propina, annoint him with wine. And give your condescension.
Nos a mundi sentina From this world, a cesspool, This cesspool of contention --
celerius eripias, deliver us quickly, It drowns us; save us speedily,
Et tecum nos custodias and keep us with you And keep us safely with the Three
in unitate trina. in the unity of the Three. In Heaven on ascension.
Anonymous Carol Anne Perry Lagemann Carol Anne Perry Lagemann