Sumer is Icumen In By: Anonymous


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Singable Translation PDF By: Carol Anne Perry Lagemann (CC BY SA 4.0)


Number of Voices: 1
Voicings: S , A
Date: 13th century
Language: English , Latin
Tags: original language round translation religious English song canon

Published in

GB-Lbl Harley 978
Archive: British Library [GB-Lbl] Shelfmark: Harley 978 Position in Manuscript: No. 5, fol(s)/pages 11v DIAMM
Manuscript Facsimiles: DIAMM


LyricsPoetic Translation
Sing cuccu nu. Sing cuccu.Sing cuckoo now, Sing cuckoo!
Sumer is icumen in,Summertime is coming in,
Lhude sing Cuccu!Loudly sing cuckoo!
GroweŁE sed,Seedling grows,
And bloweŁE med,The meadow blows,
And springŁE wde nu.And springs the wood anew.
Sing Cuccu!Sing cuckoo!
Awe bleteŁE after lomb,Ewes are bleating after lambs,
LhouŁE after calve cu.The cows are lowing, too.
Bulluc sterteŁE, Bulls are starting,
Bucke verteŁE,Bucks are farting,
Murie sing Cuccu!Gladly sing cuckoo!
Cuccu, cuccu,Cuckoo, cuckoo,
Wel singes ŁEu CuccuSing you well your cuckoo;
Ne swik ŁEu naver nu.May so you ever do.
Perspice Christicola,See, good Christian, see the sign,
Que digacio;Heaven's help is shown:
CelicusFrom a flaw
AgricolaTo free the vine
Pro vitis vicio,The Farmer sent His own
Filio,Son alone,
Non parcens exposuitYielding Him to all the death
Mortis exicio.And ruin that was sown,
Qui captivosTo half-living
SemivivosCaptives giving
A supplicioAll the graces known,
Vite donatVivifying
Et secum coronatAnd a crown supplying
In celi solio.In Heaven by His throne.
AnonymousCarol Anne Perry Lagemann

Direct Translation

See Ernest H. Sanders's work at Choral Public Domain Library.