Savis e fols, humils et orgoillos By: Raimbaut de Vaqeiras


Singable Translation PDF By: Carol Anne Perry Lagemann (CC BY SA 4.0)


Number of Voices: 1
Voicings: S , A , T , B
Date: 12th century
Language: Occitan
Tags: translation trobar canso


LyricsPoetic Translation
Savis e fols, humils et orgoillos,I'm wise and dull, I'm humble and I'm proud,
Cobes e larcs e volpills et arditzI'm mean and kind, I'm cowardly and bold,
Sui qan s'eschai, e gauzens e marritz,I'm in despair, I'm easily consoled,
E sai esser plazens et enojosI'm courteous and often rough and loud,
E vils e cars vilans e cortes,I'm vile, I'm meek, I'm noble and I'm base,
Avols e bos, e conosc mals e bes,Repulsive, sweet, successful, a disgrace.
Et ai de totz bos aips cor e saber,For every task with wit and will I'm blessed,
E qand ren faill fatz o per non poder.And when I fail, it's fortune I protest.
En totz afars sui savis e gignosI'm shrewd and smart, beyond the common crowd,
Mas midonz am tant q'ie.n sui enfollitz,But I'm a fool since love has taken hold: sui humils on pieitz mi fai e.m ditzI more submit the more I hear her scold;
E n'ai orguoill car sai q'es bell' e pros,I'm not ashamed: She's lovely and highbrowed.
E sui cobes c'ab son bel cors jaguesI crave her form, to lie in her embrace;
Tant que plus larcs en sui e mieils apres,My spite and greed for her sake I erase,
E sui volpils car no.n l'aus enquererA coward, I: for I have not confessed,
E trop arditz car tant ric joi esper.Yet am too bold, who ponder this request.
Bella dompna, tals gaugz mi ven de vosYou dwell, my love, upon a happy cloud;
Que marritz vauc car non vos sui aizitz,I do not dare approach you from the cold,
Car per vos sui als pros tant abellitzAlthough for you I am so self-controlled
Qu'enojant s'en li malvatz enojos;That I annoy those who are quickly cowed.
Be.m tenrai vil s'ab vos no.m val merces,I'll know I'm vile if pity fails my case;
Q'ie.m tenc tant car per vos en totas resYou made me think I'm worthy of the chase,
Que per vilan m'en fatz als crois tenerThus, petty men consider me a pest,
E per cortes als pros tant sai valer.As much as all the gallant are impressed.
D'amor dis mal e mas autras chansosA curse on love in many songs I've vowed
Pel mal qe.m fetz la bell' enfanairitz,Because of lies and hurts I had of old,
Mas vos, dompna, ab totz bos aips complitz,But, Lady, you are good as gleaming gold:
Mi faitz tans bes q'esmenda m'es e dos,You on my heart a precious gift endowed,
C'amors e vos m'avetz tal ren promesSince you and love have promised to replace
Que val cen dos c'autra dompna.m fezes;The pain I had with sweet and priceless grace.
Tant valetz mais, per q' vuoill mais aver,I want you more, the more your strengths suggest; tem perdre vuoill mais conquerer.I fear to lose; I want to win the best.
Jois e jovens et avinens faissos,Your joy and youth, the way you charm the crowd,
Dompn', e.l gens cors d'enseignamen noiritzYour pleasant self, the wisdom you unfold,
Vos ant pretz dat, q'es pels meillors auzitz,Have made your name by everyone extolled,
E, per ma fe, si m'aventura fosAnd by my faith, if fortune had allowed
Q'ieu ni mos chans ni m'amors vos plagues,That you'd admire my song, my love, my case,
Lo mieils de pretz auri' en vos conquesI'd have a love that no one could displace,
E de beutat, e puosc o dir en ver,And beauty, too, which always you've possessed:
Que per auzir o sai e per vezer.Upon my eyes and ears it is impressed.
Bels Cavalliers, chausimens e mercesMy Fairest Knight, for pity and for grace, fin' amors sobrebona fesThe loyal love and trust in you I place
Qez eu vos port mi deuria valerBeg you return the passion I've expressed:
Endreg d'amor, c'autre joi non esper.No other joy I ever will request.
Na Biatritz, vostre bel cors cortesDame Beatrice, your sweet and pretty face, grans beutatz e.l fins pretz q'en vos esYour loveliness, the virtues you embrace:
Fai gent mon chan meillors valer,These make my songs by far surpass the rest;
Car es dauratz del vostre ric pretz ver.They're through your worth in gold and silver dressed.
Raimbaut de VaqueirasCarol Anne Perry Lagemann

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