Salve, Regina By: Hermann Contractus


Singable Translation PDF By: Carol Anne Perry Lagemann (CC BY SA 4.0)


Number of Voices: 1
Voicings: S , A , T , B
Date: 11th century
Language: Latin
Tags: holiday translation religious Mary chant antiphon


Lyrics Direct Translation Poetic Translation
Salve, Regina, mater misericordiae: Hail, Queen, compassionate mother: Welcome, our Empress, Mother of tender sympathy:
Vita, dulcedo, et spes nostra, salve. Our life, sweetness, and hope, hail! Our life, our sweetness, hope and promise, welcome.
Ad te clamamus, exsules, filii Hevae. To you we cry aloud, exiles, children of Eve. To you we're crying, exiles and children of Eden.
Ad te suspiramus, gementes et flentes in hac lacrimarum valle. To you we send [our] sighs, groaning and weeping in this vale of tears. To you we send sighing, our groaning and weeping from this dark and mournful valley.
Eia ergo, Advocata nostra, illos tuos misericordes oculos ad nos converte. Then, our Advocate, turn your compassionate eyes toward us. Then, Advocate, you our staunch defender, turn your merciful eyes, turn your compassionate eyes, toward our sorrows.
Et Jesum, benedictum fructum ventris tui, nobis post hoc exsilium ostende. And, after this exile, show us Jesus, the blessed fruit of your womb. And Jesus, of your womb the blessed fruit, now show us; show to us here our Lord after this exile.
O clemens: O pia: O dulcis Virgo Maria. O merciful: O holy: O sweet Virgin Mary. O mercy: O holy: O sweetest Virgin Queen Mary.
Hermann Contractus Stolba, K Marie, ed. The Development of Western Music: An Anthology. 3rd ed. Vol. I. Boston: McGraw-Hill, 1998. Print. Carol Anne Perry Lagemann