¿Qu'es de ti, desconsolado? By: Juan del Encina


Singable Translation PDF By: Carol Anne Perry Lagemann (CC BY SA 4.0)


Number of Voices: 3
Voicings: SAB , STB , AAB , ATB
Date: 15th - 16th century
Language: Spanish
Tags: translation Cancionero de Palacio war song Granada


Lyrics Direct Translation Poetic Translation
?Qu'es de ti, desconsolado? What of you, disconsolate one? What's become of you, bereaved one?
?Qu'es de ti, Rey de Granada? What of you, King of Granada? What is Granada's king fated?
?Qu'es de tu tierra y tus moros? What of your land and your Moors? What of your Moors, your dominions?
?Dónde tienes tu morada? Where do you have your dwelling? Where is your home now located?
Reniega ya de Mahoma Renounce now Muhammad Forswear the prophet Muhammad;
y de su seta malvada, And his evil sect; Forfeit his sect vile and hated;
que bivir en tal locura To live in such madness To believe his words is folly,
es una burla burlada. Is a derisible derision. By tricks to be captivated.
Torna, tórnate, buen Rey, Turn, turn yourself, good King, Turn your allegiance, good king,
a nuestra ley consagrada To our consecrated Law, To Christian law God dictated.
porque si perdiste el reyno, Because though you lost the Kingdom, Though you may have lost your kingdom,
tengas el alma cobrada. You will receive your soul. Be with your soul compensated.
de tales reyes vencido, To be defeated by such Sovereigns To be subdued by such sovereigns,
onrra te deve ser dada. You should be honored. You're not abased, but elevated.
?O Granada noblecida, O noble Granada, Noble city of Granada,
por todo el mundo nombrada, Known throughout the world, In all the world celebrated,
hasta aqui fuiste cativa Up to this point, you were a captive, Till today you were a captive,
y agora ya libertada! And now you are already set free! And now you are liberated!
Perdióte el rey Don Rodrigo, King Don Rodrigo lost you He lost you, sad King Rodrigo;
por su dicha desdichada, By his foreordained unfortunateness. To that sorrow he was fated.
Ganóte el rey Don Fernando, King Don Fernando won you Retaken by King Fernando,
con ventura prosperada. With his prosperous luck. Now be joyful and elated!
La reyna doña Ysabel, Queen Doña Isabella, Queen Isabella, through the land
la más temida y amada, The most feared and beloved, Most loved and most venerated,
ella con sus oraciones, She with her prayers She for you fought hard by praying,
y él con mucha gente armada. And he with many armed soldiers. He by warring unabated.
Según Dios haze sus hechos As God made their deeds, As God had planned for the city,
la defensa era escusada, The defense was dismissed, Its defenses were frustrated.
que donde ÁEl pone su mano, For where He puts his hand, We earn impossible triumphs
lo impossible es quasi nada. The impossible is almost nothing. When for us God has advocated.
Juan del Encina Carol Anne Perry Lagemann Carol Anne Perry Lagemann