Psallat scholarum concio By: Anonymous


Singable Translation PDF By: Carol Anne Perry Lagemann (CC BY SA 4.0)


Number of Voices: 1
Voicings: S , A , T , B
Date: 16th century
Language: Latin
Tags: holiday translation religious school song Piae Cantiones


Lyrics Direct Translation Poetic Translation
Psallat scholarum concio The scholars sing in assembly Sing we scholars collectively
in hoc convivio, at this banquet, In this festivity,
Sed Mariæ Filio but the Son of God Yet recall effectively
non sit oblivio is not to be forgotten: The Lord's Nativity:
Nam is dat solatia, In fact, it gives solace, For His tender graciousness
sua bona gratia, his good grace, Grants a soothing spaciousness
studentibus in trivio. to students in the gutter. To clerks in doubt's captivity.
Extinxit ignem sceleris He extinguished the fire of sin, Who ends sin with His sure commands
hic dator gratiæ, this giver of grace; His Grace awaited brings;
Extans fructus fœderis, the fruit of the covenant exists Promised One securely stands
in orbis acie, in a world of battle. Where battle, hated, springs.
Per quem regnant reguli, Through this reigns the prince, In this Prince's dominance,
super orbem seculi, over the whole world, All will bless his prominence
Cuncti in terræ facie. all the face of the Earth. Before all Earth's created things.
Totius orci saeviit All death raged Strong was Death's vile severity,
sævi potentia, with fierce power, Its cruel malevolence,
Dum puella genuit when the girl gave birth But a girl with charity
Dei clementia, to the mercy of God: Showed God's benevolence:
Mundus quidem aruit, The world was certainly withered, Withered once, notorious,
sed iam virens claruit, but now it shone with green, Now Earth's green and glorious,
Et eius simul entia. and all beings with it. All beings share a breath and sense.
Respexit nos diluculo We looked early We who gazed at the sky above
qui ardet fulmine, who were burned by lightning, The lightning caught afire,
Caritatis oculo the eye of love Wounded by the Eye of Love,
à cœli culmine, from the summit of Heaven. In Heaven met desire.
Venit huc ut folveret, He came here to set us free, He came, having been unbound;
quos æstus involveret, who were surrounded by fire Warmth the world did then surround:
Christus suo fulcimine. and who support Christ. Our Christ support can yet inspire.
Conemur ergo lilij We seek therefore among the lilies From these lilies endeavoring
hunc florem legere, to gather this flower. To pick the majority,
Ut nos partus filij To us is born a child The Son's birth to ever sing
possit protegere, who can protect. Is our priority:
Hunc omnis felicitas In this happiness everyone So we pray for cheerfulness
oret et clericitas, and the clerics pray And a scholar's fearfulness
Ut det nos secum regere. that we be given more leadership. To honor His authority.
Certatim laudes concinent Earnestly singing praises all together Praising Him voluntarily,
cœli palatio, to the palace of Heaven, Extol divinity;
Christo Iesu iubilent, rejoice in Christ Jesus, Sing to Jesus merrily,
quos regit ratio, who rules the reckoning. Who rules Infinity.
Hunc omnis deifice All deify him We adore and deify
collaudet mirifice and highly extol the wonder Whom did God's love reify:
Triplatæ vitæ statio. of the life-giving Trinity. The wonder of the Trinity.
Anonymous Carol Anne Perry Lagemann Carol Anne Perry Lagemann