Martini festum celebremus By: Orlando di Lasso


Singable Translation PDF By: Carol Anne Perry Lagemann (CC BY SA 4.0)


Number of Voices: 5
Date: 16th century
Language: Latin
Tags: holiday translation religious 16th-century sacred motet


Lyrics Direct Translation Poetic Translation
Martini festum celebremus laude perenni, We celebrate the Feast of Martin with eternal praise, The Feast of Martin now we honor, constantly praising;
Qui tulerat populo plurima dona Dei. He who brought to the people the many gifts of God. He brought to the people the manifold gifts of Heaven.
Lux rutilans nostra Martinus splendet in aede, Light from our Martin glows bright in the Temple, Light glowing from Martin illuminates all the Temple,
Cujus et usque manet tuta patrocinio. For in it even now remains his secure protection. For in it still remaining is his steadfast protection.
Plebs igitur concors resonantia carmina mecum Therefore the songs of the people resound in harmony with me, Thus all of the people with harmonious, concordant voices
Cantet et appellet vocibus hisce virum: Voices singing and calling to this man: Asking and appealing, sing to this man, this soldier:
Sancte pater Martine tuos hic protege natos Saint Martin, father, protect your children here, O Saint Martin, our father, guard and protect us, your children,
Nosque tua Christo conciliato prece. Win us to Christ with your prayer. Winning us for Jesus with prayers of dauntless friendship.
Orlando di Lasso Carol Anne Perry Lagemann Carol Anne Perry Lagemann