Mariam matrem Virginem attolite By: Anonymous


Singable Translation PDF By: Carol Anne Perry Lagemann (CC BY SA 4.0)


Number of Voices: 3
Voicings: STT , STB , ATT , ATB
Date: 14th century
Language: Latin
Tags: translation religious Mary virelai Llibre Vermell de Montserrat


LyricsPoetic Translation
Mariam Matrem VirginemMaria, Virgin mother pure,
Attolite,We lift You high.
Jesum Christum extoliteWe raise You, Jesus, to the sky
Concorditer.In harmony.
Maria, saeculi asilum,Maria, refuge for all time,
Defendenos.Defend us here.
Jesu, tutum refugium,Christ Jesus, harborage sublime,
Exaudi nos.Give us Your ear.
Jam estis vos totaliterAlready over land and sea
Diffugium,You are unfurled.
Totum mundi confugiumYou shelter over all the world
Jesu, suprema bonitasChrist Jesus, holiness supreme,
Verissima.Is good and true.
Maria, dulcis pietasMaria, leader we esteem,
Gratissima.We welcome You.
Amplissima conformiterTo everyone show charity,
Sit caritasThe same to all,
Ad nos quos pellit vanitasFor us who chase our sins and crawl
Enormiter.In vanity.
Maria, facta saeculisMaria for eternity
Salvatio.Salvation made.
Jesu, damnati hominisChrist Jesus set condemned souls free;
Redemptio.For them He paid.
Pugnare quem viriliterThey fought for us all fearlessly
Per famulisWho are but slaves
Percussis duris iaculisAnd who are beaten to our graves
Atrociter.Most brutally.
AnonymousCarol Anne Perry Lagemann

Direct Translation

See Mick Swithinbank's work at Choral Public Domain Library.