Lanquan li jorn son lonc en mai By: Jaufre Rudel


Singable Translation PDF By: Carol Anne Perry Lagemann (CC BY SA 4.0)


Number of Voices: 1
Voicings: S , A , T , B
Date: 12th century
Language: Occitan
Tags: translation trobar vers


LyricsPoetic Translation
Lanquan li jorn son lonc e mayIn May, long daylight warms the air.
M'es belhs dous chans d'auzelhs de lonh,I hear birds in song far away.
E quan mi suy partitz de lay,But when I go and leave them there,
Remembra'm d'un' amor de lonh.I remember love far away.
Vau de talan embroncx e clisI frown and hang my head, dull-eyed;
Si que chans ni flors d'albespisNo songs or blossoms can provide
No-m valon plus que l'yverns gelatz.An improvement on winter's freeze.
Be tenc lo Senhor per verayI trust that God is just and fair.
Per que formet sest' amor de lonh,Giving me this love far away;
Mas per un ben que m'en eschayBut for each pleasure I must bear
N'ai dos mals, quar tant suy de lonh.Double ills, for I'm far away.
A! quar no fuy lai pelegris,Ah! As a pilgrim why not ride
Si que mos fustz e mos tapisWhere cloak and staff might be espied
Fos pels sieus belhs huelhs remiratz!By her lovely eyes, overseas?
Be'm parra joys quan li querray,What joy if she will hear my prayer
Per amor Dieu, l'ostal de lonh,And will welcome from far away
E, s'a lieys platz, alberguaraiA pilgrim she might lodge somewhere
Pres de lieys, si be'm suy de lonh,Either near her or far away.
Qu'aissi es lo parlamens fisIn conversation occupied,
Quan drutz lonhdas et tan vezisA pleasure, being by her side,
Qu'ab cortes ginh jauzis solatz.And a welcome there: Gifts are these!
Iratz e dolens m'en partray,I'll leave that land in pained despair
S'ieu no vey sest' amor de lonh.If I'm kept from love fair away.
No'm sai quora mais la veyrai,Who knows if time we'll ever share
que tan son nostras terras lonh.Since her land is so far away.
Assatz hi a pas e camis,I've many roads and crossings tried
e per aisso no'n suy devis.And still don't know and could not guide;
Mas tot sia cum a lieys platz.But as she prefers may it be.
Jamai d'amor no'm jauzirayNo other love will I declare
Si no'm jau d'est' amor de lonh,If I can't have love far away;
que mielher ni gensor no'n saiNo love exists, not anywhere,
ves nulha part, ni pres ni lonh.That can best my love far away.
Tant es sos pretz ricx e sobrisHer sovereign worth be magnified!
Que lai el reng dels SarrasisHer slave, I wish I could reside
fos hieu per lieys chaitius clamatz.In that southern land on my knees.
Dieus que fetz tot quant ve ni vayO God, who all things made with care
E formet sest'amor de lonhAnd who shaped this love far away,
Mi don poder, que cor be n'ai,Give strength, for I already dare:
Qu'ieu veya sest'amor de lonh,Let me see my love far away,
Verayamen en luec aizis,So real, so true, so glorified,
Si que las cambras e'l jardisThe humble rooms where I abide
Mi resemblo novels palatz.Will a palace seem, filled with ease.
Ver ditz qui m'apella lechayI won't deny it; I'm aware
e deziros d'amor de lonh,That I grasp for love far away:
que nulhs autres joys tan no'm playNo other pleasure can compare
Cum jauzimen d'amor de lonh.To the joy of love far away.
Mas so qu'ieu vuelh m'es tant ahis,But all I long for is denied
Qu'enaissi'm fadet mos pairisFor my godfather keeps me tied
Qu'ieu ames e nos fos amatz.Where I love unloved through my pleas.
Jaufre RudelCarol Anne Perry Lagemann

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