Katerine collaudemus By: Anonymous


Singable Translation PDF By: Carol Anne Perry Lagemann (CC BY SA 4.0)


Number of Voices: 1
Voicings: S , A , T , B
Date: 14th century
Language: Latin
Tags: holiday translation religious goliard song Carmina Burana


Lyrics Direct Translation Poetic Translation
Katharine collaudemus We praise Catherine Catherine: O let us praise her,
virtutum insignia, and her excellent virtues; Her virtues and saintly name!
cordis ei presentemus we present to her our hearts Hearts and mouths now let us raise her
et oris obsequia, and mouths compliantly, And offer to serve her aim;
ut ab ipsa reportemus that we may receive When our conduct well displays her,
equa laudis premia. reward equal to our praise. We merit her great acclaim.
Fulta fide Katharina Catherine was so strong in her faith By no wrath was her faith broken,
iudicem Maxentium that the judge Maxentius Not even the Emperor's.
non formidat; lex divina she did not fear; divine law By his verdict it was woken.
sic firmat eloquium, strengthened her speech, Divine Law made wisdom hers:
quod confutat ex doctrina which refuted the doctrine She refuted discourse spoken
doctores gentilium of the Greek teachers. By all his philosophers.
Victi Christum confitentur The defeated confessed Christ, By her eloquence persuaded,
relictis erroribus. leaving their sins. The speakers to Christ now turned.
Iudex iubet, ut crementur; The judge ordered them to be burnt alive; To the fire they were paraded;
nec pilis nec vestibus neither their hair nor their clothing Inside it could be discerned
nocet ignis, sed torrentur was hurt by the fire, but scorched Bodies, twisted, scorched, abraded,
inustis corporibus. by the ordeal were their bodies. Their hair and their clothes unburned.
Post hec blandis rex molitur After this, flattering, the king tried Thinking he would soon undo her,
virginem seducere, to seduce the virgin, He tried to propose a tryst.
nec promissis emollitur but neither softened by promises She ignored his whispers to her,
nec terretur verbere; nor deterred by the lash was she; Nor feared she the lash or fist,
compeditur, custoditur he caught her and kept her So he in the dungeon threw her,
tetro clausa carcere. shut up in a filthy prison. In darkness, in filth dismissed.
Clause lumen ne claudatur, Even if light is kept hidden away, Even when the light is hidden,
illucet Porphyrio, it shines like Porphyry, It shines, as Porphyry shone,
qui regine federatur who allied with the queen Who allied in faith forbidden
fidei collegio; in the company of faith; With her who controlled the throne.
quorum fidem imitatur their faith is imitated This belief, as it is written,
ducentena contio. by an assembly of two hundred. For hundreds inspired their own.
Huius ergo contionis Therefore this assembly, Therefore, all this congregation
concordes constantia in harmony and steadfastness, In concord and perfect peace
vim mundane passionis the force of worldly passion Worldly forces of frustration
pari patientia with patience With patience have made to cease,
superemus, ut cum bonis overcomes, so that good people That the blessed of every nation
letemur in gloria. rejoice in glory. In glory and joy increase.
Anonymous Carol Anne Perry Lagemann Carol Anne Perry Lagemann