Guerras ni plag no son bo By: Raimbaut de Vaqeiras


Singable Translation PDF By: Carol Anne Perry Lagemann (CC BY SA 4.0)


Number of Voices: 1
Voicings: S , A , T , B
Date: 12th century
Language: Occitan
Tags: translation trobar canso


LyricsPoetic Translation
Gerras ni plaich no.m son boNot war nor peacetime will go
Contr' amor e nuill endreig,Well when must with Love deal we;
E cel fabrega fer freigHe who'd profit danger-free
Q'en vol ses dan far son pro,Tries to forge iron with snow.
C'aissi.m vol amors aucireLove wants me dead; death it praises,
Cum sieus seigner mals,Blithely lets its own men die,
Qan sa gerra m'es mortalsAnd in war, my death is night;
E sa patz pieitz de martire;In peace, fire for martyrs blazes.
E s'anc jorn fom enemic,Fought I, yet Thibaut that night
Anc Tibauz ab LodoycWhen to king he knelt contrite,
No fetz plait ab tans plazersGreater joy knew not than knew
Cum eu, qan sos tortz m'esders.I when Love its fight withdrew.
Car per esmend' e per doHer restitution to show,
M'a amans eleigShe, my lady, lifted me;
Ma dompn', on son tuit bon deigShe has every quality:
Pausat en bella faisso,Elegant, graceful they grow,
Don muor d'ir' e de conssire,And sorrow my spirit grazes,
Car no.m n'estai comunalsFor she does not answer my
Amors! c'ab sospirs coralsLove for her! With mournful sigh,
M'auci.l bels semblans trazireI die where her beauty dazes,
De lieis cui am ses cor tric,And my loyalty burns bright
C'ab joven gerrei' antic,As her youth calls age to fight.
Qu'il val sobre totz valers,All earth does her worth outdo,
So.m mostr' auzirs e vezers.As is plain to human view.
Qan pens cals es ni qui so,Who she is, I'm not, I know;
Be.m sui mes en ord' estreig,I should be locked up, I see.
E s'ieu qier mais que non deig,But if I exhale a plea,
Sa gran beutat n'ochaisoBlame then her beautiful glow:
Qe.m forss' e.m fai l'orguoill dire,With selfish pride me it crazes.
E sa colors naturals,Colors in her features lie,
C'ades genss' e no.i mescl' alsThough no paint does she apply
Mas gais solatz ab doutz rire;But laughter and merry gazes.
E pos tant amar si.m gic,Since she lets me love her quite,
Pauc l' miei destric,She would not my pain invite,
E si.l sieus bels digz es vers,And if her fair words are true,
Tot don val mos bos espers.Nothing I have done I rue.
Si m'estassetz a razo,If you were fair to me, though,
Bella dompna, ni a dreig,Lady, acting properly,
Ja no.m tengratz tant destreigYou would never hinder me,
En vostr' onrada preiso,Caged without power to go.
Don non ai poder qe.m vire,I constantly sing your praises;
Anz sui tant fis e leialsAlways loyal, I thereby
Vas vos que vas mi.n sui fals,In my shame myself deny, am tant que mi n'azire;And love you and hate my phrases
E s'ieu no.n fauc tant ni.n dicAnd my deeds; they are too slight
Cum s'ataing al vost' amic,To be worthy in your sight.
Als faitz m'en sofraing podersFor my talents are too few
Et al vostre laus sabers.Perfectly to worship you.
En luoc de faitz d'aut baroNo gallant feats do I show,
Vos am prec dompneig,For I court and make my plea,
E.l vostre bel cors adreigPraising beauty's apogee,
Laus e gard a cui ni co,Guarding you from insults low.
E qan puosc ben far, no.i tire,My conduct your notice raises:
Q'esser deu vostr' amics talsHe who loves you must stand high,
Que si' pros cabals;With the most courageous vie,
E car sofretz q' desire,And since you allow my gazes,
Cuig esser pars del plus ric,I among the richest lie.
E qan d'autras mi fadic,If no others catch my eye,
No m'o fai far nocalers,Think not ladies I eschew,
Mas vostr' onratz capteners.But that none is fine as you.
E non es ni er ni foIs not, was not, will not so
Gensser de neguna leigGenerous a lady be,
Ni mieiller, per q'ieu enpleigNor a better; I in fee
Lo mieu oc el vostre no,Bow down my yes to your no.
E si fos del plus gauzire,Had I for whom my love blazes,
Al dieu d'amor for' engals,I the god of Love were nigh.
Q'el sieu paradis sui salsIn his heaven saved am I,
Car vos sui hom e servire,Your slave, for your word amazes:
Qe.l sieu meillor san prezic;In the best saint I delight.
Mas fals lausengier enicBut these slanderers in spite
M'ant tout als precs mains lezers,Stole my chance to plead with you --
Aissi.m tol mains gaugz temers.And my awe of you did, too.
Dompna, .l bos conseills m'er malsYour advice was good, but I
Qe.m detz, si no.m donatz als,Suffer if no more comes by.
E car non l'aus contradire,I dare not dispute your phrases,
Don vos l'onrat conseill ricBut in counsel I will cite
De l'emperador Fredric,Emperor Frederick: He was right,
C'aissi.m taing mais de plazersAnd much pleasure I am due,
Cum sui d'amans lo plus vers.I who am of loves most true.
Lo rics pretz sobrecablsWorth and virtue typify
De na Biatriz es talsBeatrice, her place so high
C'om no.l pot tot lauzan dire;That impotent are my praises.
Mas endreig d'amor vos dicAs for Love, I say outright
De mon Bel Cavallier ricThat my noble Fairest Knight
C'a mais de pretz, et es vers,Outshines all; and it is true:
Aissi n'ai' eu mos plazers!Joy in her be ever new!
Raimbaut de VaqueirasCarol Anne Perry Lagemann

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