Gabriel fram Heven-King By: Anonymous


Singable Translation PDF By: Carol Anne Perry Lagemann (CC BY SA 4.0)


Number of Voices: 1
Voicings: S , A , T , B
Date: 13th century
Language: English
Tags: holiday translation religious Mary English song


Lyrics Direct Translation (E. J. Dobson) Poetic Translation
Gabriel, fram Heven-King Gabriel, sent from the King of Heaven Gabriel from Heaven's King
Sent to the Maide sweete, to the sweet Maiden, Sent to the maiden sweetest,
Broute hir blisful tiding brought her happy news Brought to her blissful tidings,
And fair he gan hir greete: and greeted her courteously: And fairly her he greeted.
"Heil be thu, ful of grace aright! Hail be thou, [who art] indeed full of grace! "Hail be thou, full of grace aright,
For Godes Son, this Heven-Light, For God's Son, this Light of Heaven, For God's own son, this Heaven's light,
For mannes love for love of man So man be won
Wil man bicome will become man Will man become
And take and take And take then
Fles of thee, Maide bright, human form from thee, fair Maiden, Flesh of thee, maiden bright.
Manken free for to make to free mankind Mankind thus free he'll make then
Of sen and devles might." of sin and the devil's power.' Of sin and devil's might."
Mildelich him gan andswere The gentle Maiden Sweetly him she answered there,
The milde Maide thanne: then gently answered him: The mildest maiden lady,
"Wichewise sold ich bere In what manner should I bear "How am I a child to bear
A child withute manne?" a child without a husband?' Without a man to aid me?"
Th'angel hir seid: "Ne dred tee nout; The angel said to her: 'Fear nothing: The angel told her, "Dread thee not,
Thurw th'Oligast sal been iwrout through the Holy Ghost shall For through the Holy Ghost it's wrought.
This ilche thing this very thing be done The news I bring,
Warof tiding of which The same I sing,
Ich bringe; I bring news; Declaring:
Al manken wurth ibout all mankind will be redeemed All mankind will be bought,
Thurw thine sweet childinge by means of thy sweet child-bearing And through thy sweet childbearing
And ut of pine ibrout." and brought out of torment.' Will out of pain be brought."
Wan the Maiden understood When the Maiden understood When the maiden understood
And th'angels wordes herde, and heard the angel's words, His words as he had wanted,
Mildelich, with milde mood, she answered the angel gently, Mildly with a heart so good
To th'angel hie andswerde: with gentle spirit: To the angel she responded:
"Ure Lords thewe maid iwis I am indeed the bond-maid of our Lord, "Our Lord's own handmaid I shall show
Ich am, that heer aboven is; who is above. I truly am on Earth below.
Anentis me Concerning me Concerning me,
Fulfurthed be may thy saying May surely be
Thi sawe be fulfilled, Your saying,
That ich, sith his wil is, that I, since it is his will, That since He willed it so,
A maid, withute lawe, may as a maiden, contrary to natural law, All Nature's law betraying,
Of moder have the blis." have the joy of motherhood.' A mother's bliss I'll know."
Th'angel went awei mid than With that, the angel went away, Then the angel turned to go
Al ut of hire sighte; out of her sight; And left the maiden's bower;
Hire womb arise gan her womb began to swell And her womb began to grow
Thurw th'Oligates mighte. through the power of the Holy Ghost. With all the Spirit's power.
In hir wes Crist bilok anon, In her Christ was straightway enclosed, In her the Christ Child was contained:
Sooth God, sooth man in fles and bon, true God and true man in flesh and bone, True God, true man, in blood and pain,
And of hir fles and of her flesh And of her bone
Ibore wes was born To sin atone
At time, in due time, Emerging,
Warhturw us kam good won; whereby good hope came to us: With mankind to remain.
He bout us ut of pine, he redeemed us from pain [of hell] Our sin and anguish purging,
And let him for us slon. and allowed himself to be slain for us. He let himself be slain.
Maiden-Moder makeles, Matchless Maiden-Mother, Maiden mother, with not mate,
Of milce ful ibunde, [who art] full of compassion, With mercy open-handed,
Bid for us him that tee ches, pray for us to him that chose thee, Pray for us to God so great,
At wam thu grace funde, in whose sight you found grace, Who favor to thee granted,
That he forgive us sen and wrake, that he forgive us [our] sin and hostility That He forgive our injury,
And clene of evri gelt us make, and absolve us from all guilt, And clean of guilt He make us be;
And heven-blis, and, when our time comes And Heaven's bliss
Wan ur time is to die, When our time is
To sterve, give us the bliss of heaven, For dying,
Us give, for thine sake, for thy sake, Allow us then to see.
Him so here for to serve so serving him here [below] To serve with earnest trying
That he us to him take. that he take us to himself. Allow us all for thee.
Anonymous E.J. Dobson, in Hugh Keyte and Andrew Parrott, eds. The Shorter New Oxford Book of Carols. Oxford: Oxford UP, 1993. Print. Carol Anne Perry Lagemann