Calenda maja By: Raimbaut de Vaqeiras


Singable Translation PDF By: Carol Anne Perry Lagemann (CC BY SA 4.0)


Number of Voices: 1
Voicings: S , A , T , B
Date: 12th century
Language: Occitan
Tags: translation trobar anonymous melody arranged by composer estampida


LyricsPoetic Translation
Kalenda maiaNo May Day bowers,
Ni fueills de faiaNo beech tree towers,
Ni chans d'auzellNo songs of bird,
Ni flors de glaiaNo iris flowers
Non es qe.m plaia,Have any powers
Pros dona gaia,To please without her,
Tro q'un isnellTill I hear word
Messagier aiaFrom her who now spurs
Del vostre bellLove that occurred,
Cors, qi.m retraiaSpring-new, in showers,
Plazer novellPleasure unheard
Q'amors m'atraiaTill she is ours.
E jaia,I scour
E.m traiaThe sour
Vas vos,And cruel,
Donna veraia,Strike when they doubt her.
E chaiaShe glowers
De plaiaAt flouters
.L gelos,And fools;
Anz qe.m n'estraia.Jealous men cower.
Ma bell' amia,Beauty that I sing,
Per Dieu non siaDon't let the spying,
Qe ja.l gelosJealous old dope
De mon dan ria,Wish I were dying.
Qe car vendriaFor his conniving
Sa gelozia,I'll leave him crying,
Si aitals dosWere in his scope
Amantz partia;Lovers untying.
Q'ieu ja joiosI couldn't cope
Mais non seria,If all his lying
Ni jois ses vosMade you lose hope
Pro no.m tenria;And leave me sighing.
Tal viaI'm flying
FariaAnd shying
Q'oms jaAway
Mais no.m veiria;From the world's prying.
Cell diaI'm crying
Morria,And dying
DonnaThe day
Pros, q' perdria.That you stop trying.
Con er perdudaNo one is played to
Ni m'er rendudaOr is betrayed who
Donna, s'enanzHasn't yet won
Non l'ai agudaHer he has prayed to.
Qe drutz ni drudaLovers are made new,
Non es per cuda;Aren't just shades who
Mas qant amantzMelt when the sun
En drut si muda,Makes our dreams fade through.
L'onors es granzWhen it is done,
Qe.l n'es creguda,That's when they say you
E.l bels semblanzLovers become,
Fai far tal bruda;When she will aid you.
Qe nudaI've prayed to
TengudaHave made you ai,A touch,
Ni d'als vencuda;But haven't swayed you.
Volguda,I stayed true,
CresudaObeyed you
Vos ai,So much,
Ses autr'ajuda.Never was paid to.
Tart m'esjauzira,If we were parted,
Pos ja.m partira,If you discarded
Bells Cavalhiers,Me, I would cry,
De vos ab ira,Knight whom I guarded.
Q'ailhors no.s viraFor in my heart did
Mos cors, ni.m tiraNot I keep charted
Mos deziriers,Each little sigh
Q'als non dezira;That your lips started?
Q'a lauzengiersPeople who lie,
Sai q'abellira,Say our sins are hid,
Donna, q'estiersWould be pleased by
Non lur garira:Seeing us parted.
Tals vira,They'd mar it
SentiraAnd scar it
Mos danz,With glee,
Qi.lls vos grazira,Happy you darted mira,From heart, slid
CossiraAnd carted
Cuidanz,From me
Don cors sospira.All we had started.
Tant gent comensa,Blossoms are blowing,
Part totas gensa,Beatrice, growing
Na Beatritz,Just as your own
E pren creissensaBravery, glowing,
Vostra valensa;And we are owing
Per ma credensa,You for you only
De pretz garnitzMerit the throne.
Vostra tenensaSpeaking and showing,
E de bels ditz,Brightly you shone
Senes failhensa;With words that flowing
De faitz grazitzFrom you were sown,
Tenetz semensa;Good actions growing.
AvetzYou save,
E coneissensa;Ignorance slowing:
Ses tensaPeace-knowing,
VistetzSo brave
Ab benvolensa.And easy-going.
Donna grazida,Lady of graces,
Qecs lauz' e cridaYou deserve praises.
Vostra valorAny who more
Q'es abellida,Seeks other faces
E oblida,And them embraces,
Pauc li val vida,His mind in haze is,
Per q' azor,And I therefore
Donn' eissernida;Stay where your place is.
Qar per gencorYou I adore,
Cos ai chauzidaLike her who blazes:
E per meilhor,Enid of lore,
De prez complida,Who Eric raises;
Blandida,She dazes
ServidaHis gazes
GensesAnd glance,
Q'Erecs Enida.Who is always his.
Bastida,Engles is
Finida,And paces
N'Engles,This dance;
Ai l'estampida.I wrote its phrases.
Raimbaut de VaqueirasCarol Anne Perry Lagemann

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