Ave Regina omnium By: Anonymous


Singable Translation PDF By: Carol Anne Perry Lagemann (CC BY SA 4.0)


Number of Voices: 1
Voicings: S , A , T , B
Date: 16th century
Language: Latin
Tags: holiday translation religious Mary school song Piae Cantiones


Lyrics Direct Translation Poetic Translation
Ave, regina omnium, Hail, Queen of all, Hail, Mary, Queen by all adored,
Maria, salus homium Mary, the salvation of human Who kindly us to God restored
credentium, believers, Who love the Lord;
quæ pauperes salvare voluisti. who wanted to save the poor. You longed to help the poor, salvation giving.
Tu virtutis principium, You are the source of power; All might is yours to men award;
tu pauperum refugium, you are the refuge of the poor, You are the poor's defending sword
solatium, their comfort; And comfort poured.
tu verum lumen mundo contulisti. you contained the true light of the world. In you the true light of the world is living.
Te collaudat You are acclaimed The angels praise
exercitus by an army And bow before
cŁElestis Angelorum of Heavenly angels, You, mighty hosts made lowly.
magnificat, who magnify, Your worth they raise,
glorificat glorify, Your glory phrase,
& præ dicat, and tell you Extol your ways
adorat they adore For all days.
omnis ordo beatorum. all of your blessed commands. Each command you give is holy.
Tu solis habitaculum, You are the only dwelling of God, Abode where God was sojourning,
Iusticiæ spectaculum, the very sight of justice, The face of justice flourishing,
signaculum, the seal; The signet ring,
Tu sola Patri semper placuisti, you only are pleasing to the Father. Most loved by God of all his luminaries,
Tu vitæ propugnaculum, You are the bulwork of life; You are the rock to which we cling,
Tu summi Dei aureum You are the most precious gold in the King's Within the palace of the King
palatium, palace. The dearest thing;
Tu caput Holofernis confregisti, You broke off the head of Holofernes. You bravely cleaved the head of Holofernes.
Tu balsami You are balsam gum A balsam tree
süavitas, sweet; So good and sweet,
tu odor pigmentorum, your scent is soothing like a drug. Your balm makes souls contented,
Tu charitas, You are love; With love complete,
tu castitas, you are chastity; Unstained, discreet;
tu bonitas, you are goodness; We seek a seat
Tu fragrans you are the fragrance At your feet:
cella plena unguentorum. of a room full of perfume. You're a room with perfume scented.
Ad te clamantes respice, The crying look to you, To you they look whose eyes have cried.
Maria, pie protege Mary; mercifully protect O Queen, protect them; aid provide,
& eripe and rescue And safely hide
A laqueo æterno damnatorum, the damned, in eternal snares, The damned ones, who are caught in snares forever,
Mentes ægrorum refove, and comfort the minds of the ill. And with the sick and frail abide.
Lapsorum gressus erige Raise those who slip and fall We beg you act to take our side
& dirige and guide And firmly guide
Ad te tuorum corda famulorum. to yourself the hearts of your servants. Your servants to yourself in each endeavor.
Tu lilum You are the lily The lily white,
convallium, of the valley; The blossom bright,
Tu mala granatorum, you are the pomegranate; The pomegranate berry,
Tu campi flos, you are the flower of the field, The bud that grew,
virtutum dos, of virtue and talent, Your worth is true,
& cŁEli ros, and Heaven's dew. Sweet Heaven's dew,
Tu perduc nos You lead us We seek you:
ad regna supernorum. to the Kingdom of Heaven. Guide our souls to Heaven, Mary.
Anonymous Carol Anne Perry Lagemann Carol Anne Perry Lagemann