Woodicock By: John Playford



(3 Couples in a line) ==In 4==
V1 Double fwd & back (2x); Set & turn (2x) 2(2x);2(2x)
C1 Couple 2 lead up betw C1, Cast off, return to place 2
Couple 2 lead down betw C3, Cast off, return to place 2
Set & turn (2x) 2(2x)
V2 Side RL; Set & turn (2x) 4;2(2x)
C2 Ld2 cross over & circle Ly1 to place as Ly 2 cross & circle Ld 1 to place 2
Ld2 cross and circle Ly3 to place as Ly2 circle Ld3; Set & turn (2x) 2;2(2x)
V3 Arm RL; Set & turn(2x) 4;2(2x)
C3 Lds Hey; Set & turn (2x); Lys Hay; Set & turn (2x) 2;2(2x);2;2(2x)
Double Hey; Set & turn (2x) 2;2(2x)


Category: English Country