Vite de Colei By: Anonymous



(One Couple, Ld on right) ==In 4==
V1 8 Pive fwd, Ly turning to face Ld on the last 4
Ch (holding both hands) Ld Rev; Ly Rev; Both VT 1;1;1
V2 8 Pive fwd, Ld turning to face Ly on the last 4
Repeat Chorus, Ly Rev first 3
V3 Ld fwd 2 Doubles, Rip w/ MV; Return w/ same (no MV) 2;2
Repeat Ch, Ld Rev first 3
V4 Ly same as Ld in V3; Repeat Chorus, Ly Rev fist 4;3
V5 R hands, circle CW w/ 4 Pive; L hands, circle CCW w/ 4 Pive 2;2
Repeat Chorus, Ld Rev first 3


Category: Italian Balli - 15th Century