Verçepe By: Domenico



(3 Lords & 2 Ladies) ==In 6==
I 1 bar no movement; 11 Saltarelli, starting R
II Ld2 & Ld3 Doppio LR, circling CCW halfway round Ly in front of him
Ld2 & Ld 3 Contrapasso LL, continuing to circle, switch weight to L foot
Ld2 & Ld3 Rip R to orig places, moving on a curve; Lys VdG
Lys circle Lds in front of them w/ same steps Lds used; Lds VdG
III Contrapasso LLL, MV; repeat == In 4 ==
Ld MV (Step L, R CCW) ½
IV Ld1 & Ld3 Hop on R foot == In 6 ==
Ld1 & Ld3 exchange places in 4 Saltarelli starting L, weaving among other
(Ld1 to R of Ly1, L of Ld2, R of Ly2, then to end as Ld 3 to L of Ly2, R of Ld2,
L of Ly1, then to front) Ld1 ends w/ MV R
V Ly1 Doppio RLR, moving CW halfway round Ld 2 to Ly2's place as
Ly2 Doppio LRL moving CW into Ly1's place
Ld1 & Ld3 Hop on L foot; Ld1 & Ld3 Saltarelli RLR circling nearest Ly CW
Ly1 Doppio LRL, moving CW to orig place as
Ly2 Doppio RLR moving CW into orig place
Ld2 Hop on R foot; Ld2 Saltarelli LRL circling Ly1 CCW
VI Lds Movi, Lys Movi; Lds VT (4 steps starting L CCW) == In 4 ==
Lys Movi, Lds Movi; Lys VT (4 steps starting L CCW)

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Category: Italian Balli - 15th Century