The Night Peece By: John Playford



(3 Couples in a line) ==In 4==
V1 Double fwd & back (2x) 2 (2x)
C1 C2 fall back a Double & slip up to C1 place as C1&3 switch(3X) 2 (3x)
V2 Side RL 4
C2 C1 cross & cast to C2 place as C2 slides up; Same w/ C3; Repeat 2x 1;1;2;2
V3 Arm RL 4
C3 Ld1 & Ly2 switch; Ly1 & Ld2 switch; C3 switch ½;½;1
Ld1 & Ly3 switch; Ly1 & Ld3 switch; C2 switch; Set & turn ½;½;1;2


Category: English Country