Stingo By: John Playford



(3 Couples in a line, facing) ==In 4==
V1 Double back & fwd from ptnr; Double fwd & back w/ ptnr 2;2
C1 Lds R hand star; All Set & turn; Lys L star; All Set & turn 2;2;2;2
V2 Side RL 4
C2 Double to L & turn; Double R & face; Set & turn 1;1;2
Double to R & turn; Double L & face; Set & turn 1;1;2
V3 Arm RL 4
C3 C1 Double to cross & face C2; C1 Set to C2 (Ld1 to Ly2) & Set to C3 1;1
C1 go back to place passing betw C3 & C2 & crossing at top of set 2
C1 cast & return to place in 1 Double; C1 two hand turn in 1 Double 1;1
C1 cast off and end at bottom of line, creating new C1 2


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Category: English Country