Spero By: Domenico



(Set of 3 people) ==In 4==
P1 4 SaltTed, beat Fwd 4
P2 Center Sempii LR, Doppio L 2
Ends Sempii RL, Doppio R as Center MV w/ a Doppio R 2
P3 2 SaltTed, beat to side, MV 2
P4 Approach & Pass Center Betw in 4 Salt, MV R; Rip LR == In 6 == 4;2
P5 Rev L, Sempio L back; approach w/ Rip Portugalese RLR, ends MV R 1;3
Rip L; VT w/ Sepmi RL, Rip R; Rev L 12;1
P6 Center & R End: Take R hands & circle in Piva LRL == In 4 == 3
Center & L Take L hands & circle in Piva RLR; Center Movi; Ends Movi 3;1;1
Center VT in Doppio L; Ends same; Repeat dance 2;2

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Category: Italian Balli - 15th Century