Shepheard's Holiday / Labour in Vaine By: John Playford



(3 Couples in a line) ==In 4==
V1 Double fwd & back; Switch w/ Ptnr; Double down & back; Switch 2;1;2;1
C1 C1 slip down in front of C2; C3 slip up behind C2 to create line 1;1
Ld1 & Ly1 each cast to L, leading gender lines to orig places 2
Repeat Chorus w/ C3 leading the slipping 4
V2 Side R; Switch w/ Ptnr; Sidle L; Switch w/ Ptnr 2;1;2;1
C2 Gender lines back a Double 1
Lds meet & make circle as Lys same; All circle L 1;2
Gender lines back a Double 2
Lines meet in circles facing out; All circle L 1;2
Arm R; Switch w/ Ptnr; Arm L; Switch w/ Ptnr 2;1;2;1
C3 Ld1 & Ly2 switch; Ly1 & Ld2 switch; C3 switch 1;1;2
Ld1 & Ly3 switch; Ly1 & Ld3 switch; C2 switch 1;1;2


Category: English Country