Saint Martins By: John Playford



(2 Couples, facing) ==In 4==
V1 Double fwd to meet Corner; ptnrs Slip out & in 2 steps 1;1
Turn single out of set (Lds L, Lys R); Turn single into set 1;1
Double fwd to meet Corner & pass through; Switch w/ Ptnr; Turn single 2;1;1
C1 Lds fall back a Double as Lys Turn single, Lds switch by L hand 1;1
Corners take R hand & turn 1 1/2 times 2
Lys fall back a Double as Lds Turn single; Lys switch by R hand 1;1
Ptnrs take L hands & turn 1 1/2 times (to orig place) 2
V2 Double fwd to meet Corner & pass through; Set & turn; Repeat 2;2;4
C2 Lds meet; Lys same; Circle L halfway slipping; Turn single 1;1;1;1
Lys meet; Lds same; Circle L halfway (to place); Turn single 1;1;1;1
V3 Double Fwd to meet Corner; 2 Slip steps out, then in w/ Corner 1;1
Lds cast over L shoulder, through Ptnr's place to place, as Ptnrs follow 2
Double back; Switch w/ ptnr, Ly in front 1;1
Lds Gypsy & fall back to place, Lys doing same as Lds cross in middle 2
C3 Lds Honor; Lys same; Star R once around 1;1;2
Lys Honor; Lds same; Star L & fall into line to honor presence 1;1;2

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