Prexonera By: Domenico



( Couples) == In 6/4 ==
Con LR; Singles LRL, Double R; Rev; Repeat 1;2;1;1;5
Ld Singles LR ; Contrapassi LL, curve L to face Ly; Ly same (end apart to L) 1;2;3
Both Singles LR; Con LR; Repeat whole seq w/ Ly starting 1;1;8
8 piva (Ld grabbing Ly’s hand, Ly following behind) 8
Ld Movi (jump twd Ly); Ly Respond (jump away); 4 passiti, Ld chasing Ly 1;1;2
Ly Movi (jump twd Ld); Ld Respond (jump away); 4 passiti, Ly chasing Ld 1;1;2
4 Saltarelli; Repeat dance w/ Ly leading contrapasso & piva sequences 4;46

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Category: Italian Balli - 15th Century