Prenes a Gard By: Anonymous



(set of 3 people abreast) ==in 6==
A Trace- 12 piva
B1 1st jump, 2nd jump, 3rd turn
B2 3rd jump, 2nd jump, 1st turn
B3 1st jump, 3rd jump, 2nd turn
C 2nd 3 singles fwd, 1&3 3 singles back
1st turn; 2nd 1/2 turn; 3rd jump
D 1st & 3rd switch, 2nd through (2 doubles)
E 1st turn, retrett, rake; 2nd turn, rake, retrett
3rd retrett, rake, turn
F flowrdelice; double to place
(The B parts happen sequentially. In parts C, D, and E
each person does their own steps simultaneously


Category: Gresley