Peppers Black By: John Playford



(Circle of Couples, numbered CW) ==In 4==
P1 Slide L; Slide R; Set & turn (2x) 2;2;2(2x)
P2 C1 Fwd & back to C2 (2x); Turn Corner; Turn Ptnr 2(2x);2;2
Continue pattern until back to place, w/other couples following & performing
The same pattern in order (Note: C2 starts when C1 gets to C4) 8 (mult x)
P3 C1 Fwd & back to C2 (2x); Hey, Lds start passing R 2(2x);4
Continue until back to place w/ other couples following 8 (mult x)
P4 C1 & Ld2 Fwd & back (2x) 2(2x)
Ld1 turn body ½ turn L, pulling Ly1 under L arm’s arch 2
Ld 1 pull Ld2 under R hand’s arch; Ld 1 drop L hand & ½ turn R w/ Ly1 2
Repeat w/ Ly 2; Continue til back to place, other couples following 4;8 (mult x)


Category: Progression Dance