Nonesuch By: John Playford



(4 Couples in a line) ==In 4==
V1 Double fwd & back (2x); Set & turn (2x) 4;4
C1 C1 slip betw C2; C1 turn to face C2 1;1
C1 push C2 & switch places twice, C2 ending in C1 position; C1 turn 4;2
C1 repeat w/C3; then w/ C4 as C2 w/C3; C2 w/C4, etc 64
V2 Side R; Side L; Set & turn (2x) 2;2;4
C2 Form a line (1 at a time) w/ double to center - Ld1 face down, Ly1 next, etc. 8
V3 Arm R & L; 3 slips L & back; 3 slips R & back 4;2;2
C3 1 at a time as before, double to improper side 8
Grand RL in a "U", crossing at bottom - 1st switch is C1 w/ C2 & C3 w/C4 8


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