Leoncello Novo By: Domenico



(1 Ly standing betwn 2 Lds) ==In 4==
2 Saltarelli; Ly Double L, Lds Double L; Ly Double R, Lds Double R 2;2;2
Ly circle Lds (in Fig 8) starting to L w/ 3 Pive, 1
Single, 3 Pive, 1 Single 4
Lds 2 Saltarelli; VT in 4 steps; Lys 2 Saltarelli; MV 2;1;3
All 3 Contrapassi fwd, MV; 3 Contrapassi fwd, MV 2;2
Ly Double L; Lds same; Ly Double R; Lds same, MV (all, to face) == In 6 == 1;1;1;1
All Riprese LR; Con LR, Rev; Ly Double L; Lds same 2;2;1;1
Ly Double R; Lds same, MV (Lds only); All Rev; Ly Movi, Lds Movi 1;1;1;1

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Category: Italian Balli - 15th Century