La Castellana By: Caroso



( 1 Couple, facing) ==In 3==
V1 Rev; (in wheel) Spez LRLR; (turn over L sh) Spez LR 4;8;4
Ch Flank fwd & back w/ Putate LR; Trab LRLR; Spez L & rev; Spez R; & rev 4;4;4;4
Rip LL, Trab LR; (Turn over L sh) Spez L, Cad R 4;4
Rip RR, Trab RL; (Turn over R sh) Spez R, Cad L 4;4
V2 Spez LR to switch w/ R hands; Spez LR to curl L 4;4
Spez LR to switch w/ L hands; Spez LR to curl R; Repeat Chorus 4;4;32
V3 (in wheel) Passi LR, C ad L; Rip RR, Trab RL 4;4
Passi RL, Cad R; Rip LL, Trab LR; repeat Chorus 4;4;32

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Category: Italian Balli - 16th Century & Later