Kettle Drum By: John Playford



(4 Couples in a square) ==In 4==
V1 Double fwd & back; repeat 2;2
C1 Lys R hands across; Lds same; all turn ptnr by R hand 1;1;2
Lds L hands across; Lys same; all turn ptnr by L hand 1;1;2
V2 Side RL 4
C2 Heads in a double; Heads back as Sides in a double; 1;1
Sides R hand w/ corner & turn into their place 2
Same w/ Sides doing what Heads did and vice versa 4
V3 Arm RL 4
C3 Ptnrs take 2 hands, swing in, out, & in, break hands & turn to crnr 2
Lean in & kiss corner, lean back; repeat 1;1
Take corner by both hands & do same swings, face ptnr 2
Lean in & kiss ptnr, lean back; repeat 1;1


Category: English Country