Il Gratioso By: Negri



(Ly betw 2 Lyds) ==in 6==
P1: Rev; Barbell: Ly RipMin LR as Lds Ord LR over L sh 4;4
Hands around, Passi LR; Ord L over L; Passi RL; Ord R over R 2;2;2;2
Hay: RLd: 4 Ord to L of Ly, pass betw Ly & Ld, around Ld’s place & end
middle as Ly & Ld 4 spez to switch (Ly in front) & 2 Ord over L; Rev 8;4
Repeat; Repeat Hay (w/o Rev Grave) 12;8
P2: Rev Grave; Triangle: Ly Ord L fwd & over L sh as Lds 2 Ord over L 4;4
Ly: Rip Min LR as Lds: take R hands & switch w/ 2 Passi & 1 Ord over L sh 4
Ly: 2 Ord over L sh as Lds exchange w/ L hands & turn R 4
All: in CW wheel, 3 Ord; 1 Ord turning over L sh 6;2
In CCW wheel, 3 Ord ; 1 Ord turning over R sh 6;2
P3: Rev Grave; Ly 2 Ord over L as Lds 2 Ord back to line 4;4
Rip LR; Ord L over L sh; Rip RL; Ord R over R sh 2;2;2;2
Hay: 6 Scorsi, - to start, Ly and LLd exchang w/ 1 Scorsi
Then LLd & RLd, etc. until back to original place; Rev Grave 12;4


Category: Italian Balli - 16th Century & Later