Il Conto dell ’Orco By: Caroso



(1 Couple, facing) ==in 4==
V1 Rev; Ord LRL in wheel to change places 2;3
Ch Trab RLR; Trang flanking back LR; Turn L in Spez L, Cad 1;1;1
V2 Ord LRLRL circling to starting place; repeat Ch 5;3
V3 Ld Doppio L; Passi RL diagonal back; Slow Trab RL; Rip RR; Chorus 2;1;1;1;3
V4 Ly do as Ld did in V3 8
V5 Turn L: Passi gravi LR, Ord L; Turn R: Passi Gravi RL, Ord R 2;2
Face: quick Doppio L; Repeat Ch; Rev 1;3

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Category: Italian Balli - 16th Century & Later