Hyde Park By: John Playford



(4 Couples in a square) ==In 4==
V1 Heads Double fwd & back; Sides same 2;2
C1 Heads slip into center to meet other C; slip out w/ corner through
nearest Inactive C; cast to place; Sides same; repeat V 1;1;2;4;4
C2 Sides change places w/ ptnr & make arch while Heads pass ptnr
by R & continue around set to meet corner outside of arch;
Heads go through arches to meet ptnr; fall back to place 2;1;1
This again, Heads and Sides switching roles; repeat V 4;4
C3 All Lds pass ptnr by the inside shoulder & continue around set,
Going around the Lys by alternating shoulders 4
All Lys pass ptnr by the inside shoulder do same around Lds 4


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Category: English Country