Hockley-in-the-Hole By: John Playford



(Longways for as Many as Will) ==In 4==
V1 Double fwd & back; repeat 2;2
Ch Set and turn; repeat 2;2
V2 Ld1 & Last Ly Double to meet & back; Ly1 & Last Ld same; repeat Chorus 2;2;4
V3 Ld1 & Last Ly Arm R; Ly1 & Last Ld Arm L; repeat Chorus 2;2;4
V4 Ld1 2 Doubles to meet Last Ly at bottom of set 2
2 Doubles for Ld1 & Last Ly to go to top of set (other Lys shift down) 2
repeat Chorus 4
V5 Last Ld 2 Doubles to meet his Ly at top of set 2
Last C 2 Doubles to bottom of set as C1 follow & pass through to
become new Last C; repeat Chorus 2;4


Category: English Country