Graziosa By: Guglielmo (Ambrosio)



(Couples) ==In 4==
Both TedL R L, Ld DR ½ around W; Both TedL R L, Ly DR to place on R 4;4
Ld Ted LR, Singles LR, Double L; Ly same 4;4
SL, SR, DL, DR, Ld fwd, Ly ½ fwd, then back to start == In 6 == 3
MvR (no time), RipL, RipR, RevL 3
SL, SR, DL, DR, Ly fwd, Ld meets her, then goes beside 3
Hands RipL, RipR, RevL 3
Circling = take R hands, PivL R L; L hands, PivR, L, R == In 4 == 3;3
Movimenti (M,then W); Both DL Back, DR fwd 1;2


Category: Italian Balli - 15th Century