Goddesses By: John Playford



(4 Couples in a line) ==In 4==
V1 Double fwd & back; repeat 2;2
Ch C1 cast to foot of set as others follow; Cast from foot of set to place 2;2
V2 Ld1 lead Lds around the Lys; Last Ld leads line back; repeat Chorus 2;2;4
V3 Lys take hands and go behind Lds & back; repeat Chorus 4;4
V4-5 Lds circle Lys; repeat Chorus; Lys circle Lds; repeat Chorus 4;4;4;4
V6-8 Lds circle together; Chorus; Lys circle; Chorus; All Circle; Chorus 4;4;4;4;4;4
V9-10 Lds Hey repeat Chorus; Lys Hey; repeat Chorus 4;4;4;4
V11 All Hey; repeat Chorus 4;4


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Category: English Country