Gioioso in Tre By: Guglielmo (Ambrosio)



(1 Ly standing betw 2 Lds) ==In 6==
P1 Rip LR ; Ly single LR; Arm L w/ Ld1 in Doubles LR to place 2;1;2
Repeat Rip & Arming, but Ly arms R w/ Ld2 5
P2 Rip LR; Lds switch, pass L in front of Ly in Singles LR, Doubles LR 2;3
Repeat Rip & Switching 5
P3 Rip LR; Singles LR; Double L; 2;1;1
Ly Rip RL as Lds VT (doubles RL); VdG; Repeat 2;2;8
P4 16 Saltarelli 16
P5 (musically in 6) == In 4 to dance ==
Movi (Ly, then Lds); Ly double; Movi (Lds, then Ly); Lds double to Ly 1;1;1;1
Movi (Ly 1 st); Ly double & turn; Movi (Lds 1 st); Lds double to join & turn 1;1;1;1

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Category: Italian Balli - 15th Century