Gelosia By: Domenico



(Line of 3 Couples) ==In 4==
8 Saltarelli 8
Ld1 3 piva pass in front of Ly1, end at R of Ly2; Rev; Ld2 Saltarello R to Ly1 1½ ;½;1
Ld1 3 piva in front of Ly2 , ending at R of Ly3; Rev; L3 Saltarello R to Ly2 1½ ;½;1
Ld1 Saltarello R behind Ly3, end to her L; All 8 Pive, holding hands w/ new ptnr 1;4
C1 double away in circle, end facing; C2 the same; C3 the same 1;1;1
Take R hands w/ ptnr , exchange places in Single L, R, L
Take L hands, exchange back in Single RLR, Lds end w/ Mezzavolta R
Repeat dance 2 times, until each Ld returns to original place


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Category: Italian Balli - 15th Century