Gathering Peascods By: John Playford



(About 4 - 7 Couples in a circle) ==In 2==
V1 Slip L; Turn single; Slip R; Turn single 4;2 [2x]
C1 Lds take hands, Circle round to places; Lys the same 6 [2x]
Lds meet & clap; Lys same (as Lds out); Lds same, no clap, turn to place 2;2;4
Lys meet & clap; Lds same (as Lys out); Lys same, no clap, turn to place 2;2;4
V2 Side R; Turn single; Side L; Turn single 4;2 [2x]
C2 Same as chorus 1, except Lys do everything 1st and Lds after 28
V3 Arm R; Turn single; Arm L; Turn single; Chorus 1 4;2 [2x];28


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Category: English Country