Fedelta d'Amore By: Negri



(Ly betw 2 Lds) ==In 4==
P1 Rev; Rip LR; Ord LR turning L; Ord LR turning R 2;2;2;2
Twd foot of hallTake hands & Spez LR; Ord L 1;1
Spez RL; Ord R & turn to face head of hall 1;1
8 Spez grave (haye, Ly passes Ld on L until Ld on R in middle) 8
Mid Ld take R hands w/ Ly & circle in 2 galliards; L hands, 2 galliards 2;2
Mid Ld does same w/ Ld on L 4
P2 4 Ord to head of hall & turn to face foot 4
Sottopiede LL; Trab LR; Ord , turning L ½;½;1
Sottopiede RR; Trab RL; Ord, turning R ½;½;1
8 Spez grave (haye, as before); 8 galliards, as before 8;8
P3 Twd foot of hall 2 Spez; Ord; 2 Spez; Ord (& face head) 1;1;1;1
Rip LR; Ord LR, turning L 2;2
8 Spez grave (haye, as before); 8 galliards, as before (to orig place) 8;8
P4 Ord LR, Ly fwd, Lds turning L, end facing in triangle; Rip LR 2;2
Ord LR circling L; Ord LR fwd, turn L & to place; same, but turn R 2;2;2
Trab presti LR; Rip L; Trab presti RL; Rip R; Ord LR, circling L 1;1;1;1;2
(in 6) Ly Passi fwd & back flat, fwd high, Cad; Rip RL; Galliard turning R 1;1;1
Lds Saltino onto R, passi grave back, Cad; Zopetti Fwd & back, Cad 1;1
Lds 3 Passi L, rising on R; Fioretto R & Battute Fwd & back ½;2/3
Lds Sottopiede L, Battuta R, Passo fwd, Cad L 5/6
P5 Spez LR, Ord Ly circling L, Lds coming fwd to meet Ly 2
Spez RL, Ord, to head of hall, all turning L 2
Rip LR; Ord LR, turning L; 4 scorsi in haye (Ly to orig place); Rev 2;2;4;2


Category: Italian Balli - 16th Century & Later