Faine I Would If I Could By: John Playford



(4 Couples in a square) ==In 4==
V1a Double away from the set; turn & Double back to place 1;1
V1b 2 hand switch w/ corner; 2 hand switch across set (Heads w/ ptnr) 1;1
V1c Repeat V1a w/ opposite ; Repeat V1b, end in orig square 1;1;1;1
C1a Heads Double fwd, 'pick up' Sides & double back 2
C1b All turn opposite and fall into corner’s original position 2
C1c C1a, w/ Sides leading; C1b, falling into orginal square 2;2
V2 Side R w/ ptnr; V1b above; Side L w/ opposite; V1b above 2;2;2;2
C2a 'Cloverleaf' - Heads cast away from ptnr & walk small circle through
nearest corner position & back to place, each corner following nearest leader 2
C2b Each head couple & their corners take 4 hands round to your places 2
C2c C2a, but the Sides lead; C2b, but w/ each Side couple & their corners 2;2
V3 Arm R w/ ptnr; V1b above; Arm L w/ opposite; V1b above 2;2;2;2
C3a Heads double in & turn back-to-back; Sides hands & circle R 2;2
C3b C3a, but Sides back-to-back while Heads circle R & fall back in original square 4


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