Dull Sir John By: John Playford



(4 Couples in a square) ==In 4==
V1 Heads Double in, cast off w/ opp & return to place; Sides same 2;2
C1 Head Lds switch; Head Lys switch; Circle to place; Sides same 1;1;2;4
V2 (Side Lds behind Lys) C1 split betw corners to C3 as C3 Double to C1’s place 1
Repeat w/ C3 going through corners; Head Lds fall behind Lys; Sides same 1;2
C2 Heads (Lds still behind Lys) Hey to place, end side by side; Sides same 4;4
V3 Lds cast behind ptnr & advance 1 place R; Lys same; Repeat 1;1;2
C3 Heads Back-to-back; R hands to opp & switch L to ptnr; Sides same 2;1;1;4

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Category: English Country